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7 Clothing Items That Will Never Go Out of Style


Have you looked at your closet and thought it was time for a shopping spree? You may have a combination of clothes that you aren’t sure can be worn together. Trends change as fast as the weather and if you are someone who likes to keep up with them, this can be a challenge for you. However here is list of clothing items that will never go out of style and is worn by many women across the world.

The white tee

This is by far one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. A white t-shirt can be dressed down with jeans for a casual look with sneakers or with a skirt and ankle boots for a chic and classic look.

The little black dress

Every girl owns a little black dress they swear by. Worn for a night out or Saturday brunch, this dress is paired up with six-inch heels or sandals. If you are still in search of a little black dress in Sydney women fashion stores are widely available with the option of online shopping.

Jeans and denim

While jeans are easily the most worn item of clothing, denim too can be switched up. Mini denim skirts, denim jackets and denim shirts have always been in style. They look cool, calm and chic. Denim skirts can be paired up with a t-shirt, sandals or sneakers. Denim jackets work great for that smart casual look and can be paired up with boots, shirts and even black jeans.

The jacket/blazer

Owning a jacket really does make your life easy. If you don’t already, try owning a jacket in a bright colour this adds colour, style and personality to your outfit. Bold colours look great in summer weather and darker tones in winter. A jacket pulls together an outfit and works well with sneakers or heels for that professional work outfit.

Black heels

Regardless of the height, style, heel type or occasion, a pair of black heels will never go out of style or trend. Work event and night out later on? The same pair black heels double up for both occasions.


Different brands have saturated the market for sneakers but each have their go to pair. That one pair of shoes that can be combined with jeans, skirts and even dresses. From lazy Sunday afternoon grocery runs to cute and chic Sunday brunches, sneakers have a way of setting the tone for an outfit.

Victorian sleeve tops

Back in the day the overuse of material for the puffy sleeves seemed unnecessary. However, for reasons we aren’t quite sure of they seem to have made an entry back into the new fashion trends. The floral material and chic sewing have made the puffy sleeves look feminine and aesthetic. Paired with high waist jeans, skirts or even pants, the Victorian style top is a must have.

There are various trends and clothing items that have survived the test of time and we highly recommend owning all of them.


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