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A Buyer’s Guide to Nail Guns


Since you’re looking to buy a nail gun, you should know there are numerous things you have to consider to ensure you make the best possible purchase. Thankfully, we’ll be discussing these things below so keep reading.

What Are Its Triggers?

Nail guns are very dangerous. Without its triggers, the slightest move could set it off, seriously hurting whoever got stuck with one of its nails. That’s why manufacturers have kept its danger in mind, making sure triggers are in place to shoot out the nails from the machine.

Now, these triggers aren’t just the button you click to release the nails. Instead, they’re additional things you must do while pressing on the button, for example, tapping the gun’s surface.

If you have young ones at home, ensure the nail gun you purchase has as many triggers as possible so they don’t hurt themselves by setting it off.

How Is Its Design?

You need a gun that is comfortable to use. Otherwise, you may put yourself in a dangerous situation. It needs to have a design that is sturdy for you to use, allowing you to grip it properly. This grip must not only be firm but very comfortable as you may let go while the gun is firing its nails.

Therefore, it’s essential you try out each gun before you make the purchase. Although you can easily touch it and make note of how it feels in your hand, this would not show your grip would react to it when nails are being fired out.

That’s why you should preferably test the product out before you make the decision. Now, not all shops allow their customers to this, so look out for ones in your area that let you do so.

You’d be glad to hear brands have realized how much comfort attributes to a nail gun’s performance. So they’ve invested a lot in it, especially names like the Hornibrooks nail gun range.

How Is It Powered?

Nail guns shoot out nails due to the release of high levels of air pressure in it. This build up and release don’t happen on its own. It has to be powered by something else which is usually an air compressor.

If the product you purchase utilizes an air compressor, you’ll have to have the nail gun attached to it at all times. Thus, it’ll run to it with a giant cord making it hard for you to carry it about.

If not for this, most of the guns are powered by batteries. Unfortunately, the pressure they produce is not as powerful as what the air compressor can achieve. That being said, battery operated ones are cordless.

How Does It Look?

Frankly, its look isn’t as important as a feature compared to the rest on this list. However, the nail gun’s design may ultimately affect your purchase.

It is a vital tool in construction work, so you’ll be dealing with it quite often. Hence, you should own a nail gun you are fond of.

If its appearance isn’t the best, you won’t feel this way so pick out one that really catches your eye.

Considering the noted points, there’s a lot to review before your purchase. Hopefully, you find the right fit!

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