Business — April 25, 2020 at 12:20 pm

A full guide to use the outdoors of your café this year


If you happened to own a café, a restaurant, even a massive hotel, or whatever fits the description, inclusive of an outdoors space, you should consider yourself lucky. The degree of the luck increases as the proximity to the city increases too.

But one of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is not moving outside, when they have the space to do so. The reasons could be uncertainty, the paranoia whether or not it will work, and this list goes. But the truth is, using your outdoors in the right way is a massive customer-puller.

So, how should you do it right?

  • Take care of the grounds

Take a moment and look on the ground that’s touching the bottom of your legs, or the legs of the chair you’re sitting on; if it was not comfortable, would you like to find yourself there? Not so much. This psychological theory applies in the context of the outdoor cafés more than anything. This never implies that you should tile the floors or make it look like a part of the inside of the café. But it is important to ensure that the outdoor grounds feel comfortable with the right material.

  • What sorts of furniture would you be using?

It doesn’t matter how amazing the setting looks if what truly matters is not being taken care of properly. This talks about your choice of items where people sit and keep their food on; the chair and the tables mainly. In this context, the biggest mistake that most businesspeople make is making quick decisions. “It’s just a chair, why does it matter so much?”, if this question suddenly came up in the back of your head, you should not give in. When a person is walking into the café or the restaurant, they are likely to be walking past the outdoor area. If this was the case, the last thing you want is to make a bad impression. But what if the outdoor area isn’t accessible, unless via the café?

This is when things can get either be extremely benefitting or sabotaging. When the setting can be seen by anyone who walks or drives by, they do not have to be a customer to choose whether the place is good, because they can see it. Once this unseen outdoor area is being acclaimed by the people who’ve been there, it raises the suspense and that’s what you want. Investing in the right commercial furniture direct is the right thing to do, if you want to make a solid change.

  • The covering above the heads is important [and the drainage]

Australian weather can be quite dramatic. If you were planning to pack and unpack every now and then, it both makes you unprofessional and it’s a lot of work. This is where you can use either umbrellas or outside awnings to ensure that the guests are safe and comfortable – inclusive of well-managed drainage, in an occasion of a rain.

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