Business — January 3, 2019 at 1:45 pm

A Modern-Day Approach to Increasing Student Enrolment


In a schooling system, you’ll want to have a high enrolment rate. To make this a reality, there is a constant need for implementation of innovative strategies to be able to engage with your prospective students. We’ve devised a few important strategies that each institute must foster if they aim to accomplish such goals.

Update Your Website

A school that doesn’t believe in the importance of maintaining website content is unfortunately outdated. To be able to generate increased enrolment, schools must first and foremost cater to modern needs, which means their online presence must be continuously monitored. It is through a website that parents will first thoroughly inspect a school. A school’s ability to create engaging content will make or break its success of creating a good first impression. The basics of a school website will hold key information such as ‘About Us’ Information, learning pathways, schedules and other parental details involving fees, uniforms etc. Next, you need to show prospective students how incredible the school’s culture is. This will be best achieved through videos of school events, extracurricular activities, clubs, school facilities etc. This is a digital schools approach that generates great interest from parents and students alike.

Leverage Social Media

Another aspect that boosts a school’s personality and integrity is its social media activity. Social media, similarly to the website, can be used to regularly inform parents and students of activities and events. However, why stop there? You can take things a step further and show students how seriously the school, as a whole, takes its duty by uploading intriguing articles and informative videos across various platforms. Such videos can be related to student curriculums or equally interesting facts that can be applied to day to day lives. This will significantly lift student interest in your particular institute.

Ensure Prompt Feedback

Many leading institutes are contacted several times in a day and it is often difficult to guarantee quick feedback. This delay, however, can make all the difference in enrolling a student and losing a prospective student. Simply put, they may move on to a different institute that responds quicker. Work on making response time a difference of hours, not days, between administration and students. It is a good tactic that makes students feel engaged and wanted.

Guide Students

Guidance should not be offered to prospective students alone. In fact, enrolment will be boosted in the long term if guidance is consistently provided to students at all stages. Whether it stems from issues in subjects being studied to forming career plans and of course, students who need a little extra nudge during enrolment process- these are all stages in which friendly guidance is appreciated, be it through calls, e-mails or one-on-one meetings. This will help enhance your school’s reputation for being student-friendly and will increase your rate of enrolment.

These 4 simple strategies can be your guide to efficient marketing and enrolment processes. Simply adhere to them consistently and you are ready to boost your enrolment in the modern-day’s schooling environment.



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