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Best Toys for A Baby’s Development


The first six months to a year of a baby’s life are some of the most important in the terms of development. This is where they learn to adapt, change according to their surroundings and learn how to use their limbs and brains. It is crucial that a baby is given plenty of activities where they are allowed to explore to ensure brain development.

However, once they pass a year, they grow not only mentally but also physically. After a year they can be given toys or other materials to play with that help develop fine motor skills. However, the baby products industry is filled with things that are claimed to be necessary for a baby’s development. How are you to know which toys are best and can be the most simulative. Here is list of toys that are proved to be useful for development.

Shakes and sounds

We are all familiar with having toys that either hung over our cots or could be shaken in our hands. An interesting fact about this sort of toy is the rattling sound it makes. Toys that can be rattled or move for the slightest touch causing sound are underrated for baby development. The sound the toys have a way of engaging with the baby where it makes them alert, aware and adaptive to the sound. It brings a sense of comfort to them as they sense familiarity with the sound. This sound may help get a baby’s attention as well as help them go to sleep as they associate the noise with comfort and security.


As adults we love or need colour in our lives, therefore it is quite obvious that babies need them too. Anything with colour captures a baby’s attention and helps them distinguish between different colours and objects. This is probably the point in their lives where they are attracted to their favouritecolour even if it happens unconsciously. Toys should be brightly coloured as it holds their attention and reduces the chances of them getting bored of it.


Babies need to feel, they need to make out different shapes with their hands even before they learn about it later on. Objects are of prime importance. Toys such as building blocks or even baby dolls can help them make out shapes and structures. They learn what a round, square or even the different limbs while playing with these kinds of toys. 


Many specialists say some of the best ways for kids to play is with sand or water. Being in a sand pit or even a baby pool full of water helps them to get used to different surroundings. Water helps them to get rid of the fear of water and sand is extremely useful when trying to develop fine motor skills. Whether you throw in a few rubber duckies or give them play dough sand, a baby is bound to enjoy the experience. It keeps them occupied for longer and tires them out faster.  It’s a win-win.


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