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Charges After A Drunk Driving Crash


One of the biggest factors that lead up to accidents in Australia is cited as driving under the influence. However, the drivers who find themselves in such unfortunate situations will have to deal with all of the emotional and physical trauma of the accident as well as the legal consequences of their actions. So what could potentially happen after you find yourself in such a crash? What will the consequences for you look like? Here is a short guide on what you should be aware of.

What Will Happen After the Accident?

Straight off the bat, the police will ask you to take a breath test and then they will also start to investigate the accident. If the breathing test turns out a result that exceeds the allowed legal limit for intoxicating substances in the system, the police will arrest you and you will be taken to the station where further testing will be conducted. You may also want to speak to your Brisbane lawyer by this point. However, remember that you cannot refuse to take the breath test or the analysis that follows that because it is an offense to do so.

If you have failed the test you will be accused of drunk driving and you will also be charged with more serious offences like dangerous and reckless handling of the vehicle. You will also be told of the date on which you should be in court and make sure that you are present on that day. You would ideally be released on bail after you sign up the bail undertaking. If you have been injured extensively in the accident the police will make sure that you are hospitalized and they will take a blood sample for testing. If blood is being taken from you, you need to have legal services on your side to make sure that it was extracted legally.

What Are the Possible Offenses?

One possible offense is the Novice Range PCA if you had a blood alcohol level of anything from 0.00 – 0.02 and if you have a learner or a provisional license. The Special Range PCA will apply to you if you fall into a category of a special driver and you were on a public road when the crash happened with a blood alcohol range of anything from 0.02 – 0.05.

The Low Range PCA will be served to you if your blood alcohol levels are between 0.05 – 0.08 and you were driving on any public road. The Mid-Range PCA will be levelled at you if the blood alcohol range falls between 0.08 – 0.15. For anything that is higher than 0.15 you will be served with a High Range PCA.

What Penalties Could You Receive?

You will be convicted in a court of law unless they have granted you a section 10 in the proceedings. Your license will be taken away from you and the serving could be either a fine term or you could be arrested and imprisoned. If the section 10 has been given to you, you will not be convicted and you will have zero records or disqualifications to your name.

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