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DIY Tips in Installing New Water Pipes


Whether you’re doing a home remodel or installing water pipes for the first time, knowing how to do this task properly is important if you’re planning to do-it-yourself. Water pipes are used almost all over the house – from bathroom, kitchen, plumbing, drains, and many more. There are different kinds of water pipes used for different purposes. Once you’ve determined the right one you need, it time to know the basics in proper installation of water pipes. Read along to learn more.

Shut Off the Main Supply

Before starting anything, be sure to turn off the main water supply to avoid ending up with a big mess. After doing so, drain the entire pipe system by turning on the faucets in different parts of your home. Aside from avoiding mess, it is also easier to operate with pipes when they are dry.

Know Where to Place the Pipes

Before starting the project, be sure to have everything planned out well. Determine where the pipes are needed to be installed and how they would go through around the area. That way, you’ll get an estimate on how much piping material you’ll need for the project. Visit us for high quality Australian made piping solutions for home and commercial use. When planning the layout, the water pipes should be installed on hidden places as much as possible for a seamless look.

Put in the Pipes

After determining where to place the pipes, the next thing to do is to put in the pipes. If a pipe needs to pass through a wall or a surface, carefully drill a hole where the pipe will fit in. Know where the pipe needs to bend or connect and be sure to prepare all the joining materials before starting to install the pipes. When bending a pipe to another direction, use an elbow joint to do this. Be sure to use good quality adhesive to connect the pieces together properly.

Connect to Old Pipelines

If you’re adding a water supply system or fixing a broken one, you will need to connect the new pipes to the old one. You can do this with the use of a T-fitting. Connect the pieces just like how it is done in the previous step. Don’t forget to let the adhesive dry thoroughly before turning on the water supply.

Check for Leaks

When the adhesive is already dried, you can now go ahead and check the newly installed water pipeline system for leaks. Turn on the main water supply and observe for leaks especially on the joints. If there are leaks, simply apply a pipe sealant to fix them. Do this until there you don’t see any problem with the new pipes.

Installing water pipes isn’t that complicated if you have the right materials to use and you know how to do it properly. With this step-by-step guide, you can now install new water pipe system at home anytime you need while saving up on plumber costs.

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