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Essential Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Your Concrete Floor


Concrete is not just for streets and curbs, it’s also a very good flooring materials for homes and commercial properties alike. While also being aesthetically appealing, concrete is also pretty easy to maintain, especially when compared to a lot of the other flooring options available.

If you’re reading this, you probably already own a concrete floor and you’re looking for tips on how to take care of it. Or you’re considering concrete as a flooring option for your home and are curious about how it ranks in terms of maintenance and cleaning. Either way, this article will detail all you want to know about the subject:


Cleaning concrete floors is a pretty simple, straightforward task. The following tips can help you keep your floors always looking nice and tidy:

  • Vacuum often to remove dirt and dust from the floors. The frequency of your vacuuming should depend on whether shoes are allowed inside the house and whether you have any furry pets. If the answer to both is ‘yes’, then we recommend that you vacuum a few times a week. Otherwise once a week should be enough.
  • While you can clean the floor with regular chemical cleaning solutions, we recommend that you try ones that are specially made for concrete flooring (especially polished concrete). These usually get the job done faster and more effectively.
  • You generally want to take care of spills pretty quickly because one of the greatest downsides of concrete floors is that they stain very fast. If however, your floor becomes stained, you can easily remove them. For regular food or drink stains, warm soapy water should do the trick while stronger stains may require strong chemical cleaners.

Coating with Epoxy

Sealing or coating your concrete floor helps to give it the additional protection it needs, thereby reducing the amount of maintenance required. While there are other materials that are used for concrete floor sealing, we believe that epoxy coating is the best out of all. For starters it lasts up to ten years longer than the alternatives.

An Epoxy coat improves concrete floors in a lot of ways. The following lists a few:

  • It improves resistance to oil stains which means that they can be wiped right off of the concrete floor instead of having to use chemicals.
  • It gives off a high glossy shine and makes the floor look neat and polished. Additionally it prevents decolouration of the floors.
  • It makes the floor resistant to heat, fire, dust and even bacteria.
  • It improves the strength of the floor, rendering it stable enough to withstand heavy traffic.

If you like the benefits that epoxy coating can bring to your concrete floors, then we suggest that you contact one of the best suppliers of epoxy resin Melbourne has to offer.

Fixing Cracks

If you notice any cracks on your concrete floor then the first thing you have to do is determine the cause of it. If the cracks are present on an upper floor, you should definitely consult an expert about whether poor structural re-enforcement could be the cause.

In the case of minor surface cracks, those can be taken care of with the appropriate patching or filling material. However, before you attempt to do this, it is recommended that you vacuum the cracks to extract any dirt or dust that might have fallen in.

If you follow the above listed advice there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy having a concrete floor in your house or office.

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