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Factors to Consider When Buying a Commercial Refrigerator


A commercial refrigerator is vital equipment in any food business. Whether it is a restaurant, a cafe or a bakery, you’ll need to store food and ingredients at cooler temperatures to preserve them. Choosing a commercial refrigerator or freezer generally depends on your business’ needs. There are also plenty of models to choose from depending on your preferences. Read along to learn more about the factors you need to consider when purchasing one.

Insulation and Cooling

Different models of refrigerators offer various levels of insulation and cooling. Solid door types provide better insulation since heat transfer from outside to the inside parts are slightly limited. They also provide better cooling so you can store goods at safe temperatures. Solid door refrigerators are perfect for storing perishable goods such as meat since the temperature inside is well balanced and maintained.

Glass door types are not that great in insulation since there’s a thinner barrier between the outer and inner parts, making heat transfer easier. They are also not that cool compared to solid door types. Glass door refrigerators are not made for storing perishable items; instead they are designed for display purposes.


Glass door refrigerators require more frequent cleaning than solid door ones since the glass part often gets dirty or smudgy after some time. Dirt and smudges are not that visible in solid door types so there’s a lesser need for wiping the outer surface. However if your refrigerator is visible to your customers, you might consider keeping it clean to make it more presentable to look at. Make sure to include the interior when cleaning especially on glass door types.

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Solid door refrigerators are perfect for storage purposes only. It is better to keep them near the kitchen for easy access to your kitchen staff. Glass door types are great for displays. You can use them to store beverages, pre-cooked food or any product that you want your customers to see. Some find it helpful to use glass door refrigerators in the kitchen so the staff can easily find the item they’re looking for – even without opening the fridge.

Why Use A Commercial Refrigerator?

You might be curious why a commercial refrigerator is better to use on businesses rather than residential models. First, commercial refrigerators have bigger compressors to handle all the cooling all throughout the day. At home, you only open the fridge a few times so the compressor doesn’t need to work much in bringing back the safe temperature. In busy kitchens, the fridge can be opened a hundred times per day – just imagine the compressor’s job in cooling back the air inside. The hinges on commercial refrigerators are more durable and stronger, made to withstand the heavy usage. Commercial refrigerators also provide better cooling capacities so it effectively preserves food and ingredients stored in it. You can also provide better food quality to customers since the produce is well stored in safe temperatures.

Commercial refrigerators are more than essential in every kind of food business. Investing in a good refrigeration system is one step to a successful business.

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