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Help Your Baby Sleep Better with These Tips


Putting babies to sleep is a common challenge among parents. While some have good sleepers, others have babies who don’t want to sleep at all. Newborns are still adjusting to our usual sleep and wake cycle that’s why most of them sleep through the day yet spend the nights awake.

Having a baby that could sleep through the night is almost every parent’s dream. Aside from being beneficial to the baby’s development, parents can even get back their lost sleep when their little one starts sleeping straight at night. To help you out, here are some tips you may try to help your baby sleep longer and better.

Keep them Active at Day

Help your little one set his sleep-wake rhythm by keeping him active during the day and calmer at night. Do lots of fun activities with your little one at daytime such as playing with toy boxes, talking, singing, going out and many more. Keep him engaged so he doesn’t sleep immediately after feeding or changing diapers.

Larger Meals before Bedtime

One of the common reasons why babies wake up at night is hunger. To make your baby sleep and feel full longer, give him a slightly larger feeding before putting him to bed. Offer more ounces when bottle feeding and nurse longer when breastfeeding.

Don’t Engage

When tending to your baby’s needs at night, avoid engaging him as much as possible. No talking, singing or even eye contact as much as possible so he won’t interpret it as playtime. Simply provide what he needs as quiet as possible to avoid waking him up fully. Then put him back to the crib as gently as possible. Make sure he feels comfortable by using breathable cot bedsheets.

Use Blackout Curtains

Many babies are sensitive to even the slightest light when they are sleeping. To be sure that your baby’s sleep doesn’t get disturbed by the bright light coming outside, investing in good quality blackout curtains or shades is the best solution. Shut them close during baby’s naptime to help him sleep quickly and longer. Be sure to pull it open during waking times to help baby distinguish naptime from playtime.

Change Before Feeding

A wet or soiled diaper is one of the main reasons why babies wake up at night. If your little one wakes up, check first if his diaper needs changing. If it does, clean and change it first before feeding baby. Changing diapers after feeding can potentially wake up your little one. Usually, babies fall asleep immediately after changing diapers because they feel more comfortable so it’s best to do the diaper change first.

Don’t Respond Quickly

If you want to teach your baby to soothe himself to sleep, being slower to respond to his wakeup cry is the best solution. Just observe and see if they can calm themselves to sleep without your help. This tip can help you a lot in the future since they will get used to on how to sleep on their own.

Different styles work for different babies. As parents, it is our responsibility to try out the different styles and find out which one suits our little one the most.

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