Business — May 3, 2020 at 6:30 am

How A Project Management Software Could Help You and Your Team


Working remotely has been a rising trend because of its accessibility and flexibility. This innovative way of working is also time saving and is preferred by employers and employees because of its convenience. Working wherever simplifies the work process especially for those working in an industry where the working time is adjustable or work responses is in rapid demand.

If you are planning to have you and your team work remotely, you would need digital tools such as a project management software to keep track of everybody’s output and to monitor who is doing what. There are numerous ways a project management software could help you run your business remotely.

Project Management

It’s hard to keep track of all your projects especially if you have a lot of ongoing ventures. Managing a team to handle these projects is already difficult enough, how much more if you are managing them remotely. When you have the right online tools for project management, it would be easier for you to track the progress of each member of your team. Digital tools for project management lets you assign tasks to each member. The software also tracks deadlines and could give you and your team notifications if a task is due. With this, you could prioritize which tasks need to be finished as soon as possible and which of your team is lacking in output.

Resource Management

As a business owner, managing your resources to work for you is key to make your business successful. Your people and your money are the resources you need to manage effectively and when you are working remotely that is a bit tricky. Resource management is part of the digital tools you must have on your software working from home. Scheduling and tracking tasks from start to finish are some of the ways a project management software could make you manage your business easily.

Approval Workflow

For people working in industries and sectors that are on the creative side, projects need approval every stage. And if you don’t have a software that includes approval workflow, you, your team and your clients might end up with a misunderstanding regarding which version of the creative design is the most updated. When your software has an approval workflow feature, it would be easier for you to collate feedback from your team and your clients. You could also compare revisions and you would see whether your team managed to reflect the changes your client wants.

Asset Management

When you have a business, your files are your asset. And when you are in the creative and marketing sector, your designs are your assets. When you are looking for a project management software, look for one that would make handling your files simple. Software with features such as automatic file conversion, tags and keywords for easier retrieval and permissions and access level, is a software that is worth your money.

Working remotely could be as easy and productive as a traditional working way. You just have to be smart about it by using digital tools that are advantageous to your clients and your business.

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