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How Paint Shades You Use on Your Walls Could Affect Your Mood


Every one of us has their own favourite colour. If you’ve tried choosing a colour for your home then you’ll know how hard it can be to pick one we think is best. There are no rules in painting your house. It is best if we stick to our preferences rather than go with trends because at the end of the day, we are the ones who will be living with the colours we chose.

Colour is one powerful tool that influences our behaviour, responses and our overall mood. If you’ve tried repainting your home over and over, you might have noticed that certain colours have effects on our mood.

Warm Colours

This is the general term for red, orange and yellow. Warm colours evoke liveliness and energy due to its association with the sun. When planning to repaint your house, find a painter in Magill that offers the best quality painting service. Contact them for advice and a quote.

Cool Colours

This refers to green, blue and violet. Opposite to warm colours, they tend to give a relaxed and calm feeling.


Red is the colour associated with energy and life. It increases metabolic processes such as heart rate, breathing and adrenaline. This colour is perfect if you want a room to evoke liveliness and excitement such as the living room or gathering halls. You may also want to try this on the dining area and watch how it stimulates appetite.


Yellow is associated with happiness and warmth. Adding this colour to small areas gives it an uplifting feel. Use this colour with caution as too much of it can trigger anger and frustration. Tone it down by using neutral coloured accents and decor. This colour is perfect to use in bathroom, kitchens, and dining rooms.


Orange is a combination of red and yellow, so does its effects. This colour is usually used on exercise rooms since it helps people to be energetic and keep moving.


Blue is the colour of tranquillity and calmness. It is associated with the sky and water. Opposite to red, it slows down metabolism which helps people wind down. However, darker hues of blue can induce sadness so it’s best to stick with the lighter ones. This is a perfect colour for bedrooms since it helps you relax and fall asleep easily.


Green is the colour of nature and is associated with life, growth and rejuvenation. Looking at green-coloured things is a natural stress reliever. Use this on rooms where you want to relax or you might set this as the overall motif of your home so you feel renewed anywhere you go.


Violet is a colour commonly associated with royalty or luxury. Aside from that, it helps stimulate creativity which makes it a perfect colour for work areas. Use it in any area of your house that you want to look classy.

No matter which one’s your favourite, make sure to determine the functions of the room before setting a paint colour for it. Also, don’t forget to match colours with neutrals or a contrasting pair to make it more stylish.

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