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How to Be A Good and Competent Nurse


Providing care to those who need it the most are one of the best things of being a health worker. Nurses contribute a lot in the overall physical and mental well-being of the patients they are taking care of. They are one of the core people who contribute greatly to the success of a healthcare institution.

Plenty of people choose this profession due to the personal fulfilment that comes with it. If you’re aiming to be a good and competent nurse, you need to do a lot of preparation both in skills and attitude. Here are the things you need to have in order to be a good nurse.


One of the most important qualities you should have if you want to be a good nurse is the ability to care for people. You will be dealing with sick patients and their families which means that you need to have an understanding and caring heart to be able to help them through this rough time. Even on emergency situations and stressful times, a good nurse should be able to keep calm and continue to be sympathetic with the patients and their family as well.


Being responsible is another key trait of a good nurse. Nurses play a huge role in assessing a patient’s condition and making sure that they follow their treatment regimen to speed up their recovery. They have so many duties and responsibilities when it comes to caring for their patients at all times. Aside from that, most nurses work night shifts, weekends and even on holidays just to be sure that all the patients are well taken care of. Being responsible is essential to be able to do all those responsibilities.


Before becoming a nurse, one must possess proper background knowledge in order to do his or her duties properly. Aside from graduating from a nursing program, he or she must also pass the board and obtain licensure to be a registered nurse. There are also other nurse training Australia programs which could add to his credentials as a nurse.

Team Player

Being a healthcare worker requires being able to work well with a team. As a nurse, you’ll be working with doctors, specialists, other nurses and other healthcare workers too when treating a patient. One needs to be a good team player to be able to do their duty in the team and guide the patient to a speedy recovery.

Observant and Communicative

Having good communication skills is important in being a nurse. Aside from being able to communicate effectively to the doctors and other healthcare workers, nurses also need to be quick in catching up essential information even on hectic situations. He or she should also be observant on the patients’ condition. That way, they can be able to react fast on what needs to be done especially on emergency situations.

Pursuing a career in nursing is definitely a rewarding experience especially when you have the passion and right attitude to become a good nurse.


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