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How to Decorate A Baby Room?


Much like interior designing and decorating our rooms as adults there is quite a sense of excitement that comes along with being able to decorate a baby room. Whether you are close to your expecting date or you still have a few months to go, parents start with the decorating as soon as possible.

Collecting trinkets, toys and furniture that they think would be a useful for the room. Some have their baby room’s already pre planned with what colours to paint the walls and what accessories to fill it with, while some leave the decision for the very last minute. Either way we have got you covered, here are some tips on how decorate your baby’s room.

Sticking to a theme

There are the usual baby colours of pink for a girl and blue for a boy, however these norms are slightly outdated. Parents these days are now getting out the ordinary and choosing colours and themes that are trendy and out of the box. Whatever the colour you choose it is advised to stick to a theme.

We recommend choosing neutral, calming colours as it adds light and a sense of peace to the room unlike bold, bright colours. Pastel or light colours tend to have a soothing effect on the baby too and make even a small room look more spacious. When you have decided on the colours it becomes easy to decide on how to decorate the rest of the room. The colours can be chosen to match the paint and therefore have a passing theme through the room.

Narrowing down options

Pinterest photos and other baby room decorating ideas can really overwhelm us. The options to choose from make us want to add all the ideas that can very easily make a mess of the entire room.

In order to reduce the clutter in the room and your head, narrowing down options can reduce the confusion. Choose furniture that is going to be useful and not only because it looks great. Upholstery that serves the purpose of blocking out light and noise and not only one that has nice patterns.


Our favourite part of decorating the room is adding the accessories to bring the entire room together. Whether it is cute lamp stands, soft toys or floor rugs. These accessories add character, colour and love to the room. If you are looking for baby room decor NZ has a variety of baby stores online that provide a range of accessories to choose from.

Decorate the space

The entire point of decorating a baby room is to not only provide a soothing, comfortable space but also a place of convenience. The idea is to not store everything you can but to arrange it in a way you have everything you need. Minimalistic room décor gives additional space and reduced clutter. When the space is designed to look calm and cool, your baby too will feel at ease in this room.


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