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How To Remodel A Bathroom


A bathroom will need more regular renovations or remodelling than any other room of the house. A lot of things can go wrong as it gets older like problems with plumbing, drainage and other. Also it tends to get dirtier than other rooms as it is used daily, therefore a remodelling is always a pleasant change. This is a great place to start your home improvement project. It is best to hire a professional to do this task because most often renovating a bathroom is not something that you can do on your own. You will need the help of plumbers, designers and contractors and also shops that sell the gadgets necessary to make it complete.

First Pick Floor Material

It is best to pick a material for the floor which would make cleaning up and maintaining it easy. For example, a material such as tiles made of porcelain or glazed material is ideal as water will not get absorbed and can be easily cleaned and dried away. It will also not cause the floor to become stained as it ages. However if a material such as limestone is picked which is a naturally porous material, it will absorb fluids and become stained over time. Also to make it safer, go for matte or textured surfaced tiles. This will make the surface non slippery, thus saving you from a nasty fall on your head.

Decide What You Would Like To Have In Your Bathroom

There are many things you can have in your bathroom. You can keep it simple with a shower, sink and toilet or add more articles such as a bath, towel racks, and even a cabinet. You will have to visit many shops and showrooms to pick the ones that you like the most. Make sure it matches the colour of the floor tiles and also the walls of the bathroom.

For the shower, you will need to get the help of the glass experts. You want to shield the shower area or else every time you have a shower, water will be spilt all over the bathroom making it very messy. You also want to make sure that your toilet and bath is the right size for your bathroom. If it’s too large it can make the space look very crammed and if it’s too small, the space too large and disproportionate.

If you are a women and you wish to do your makeup in the bathroom purchase a good vanity that will have plenty of storage to keep all your make up products. Also make sure that a large mirror is in place with good lighting to do the makeup effectively. Purchase new towels and wash clothes of a bright colour which can be hung in racks to add that pop of colour to the bathroom. Decorate the space with a picture frame and a plant if you are feeling adventurous. Have some scented candles to make it more pleasing.

Remodelling a bathroom can be the change you need in your life to feel fresh and excited!

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