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Ideas for A Family Night


Family night is the best way to bring the family together and bond. the busy schedules that all of us have despite the pandemic have all of us seated in front of our pc and laptop, either working or studying, though we stay at home it’s very difficult to spend time with family, and especially now that the curfew has been lifted and we are almost returning to our near normal lifestyle it’s even more difficult to bond which is why having a family night solely dedicated to family is very important

The benefits of spending time with family are plenty to name few, it helps to increase the bond between children and parents, it helps to understand each other a little more, and is a great stress buster. There are many activities you can do with your family.

Movie Night

Movie nights are a great way to spend the evening enjoyable. Pick a nice family friendly movie, do this beforehand so that you don’t have to browse for movies at the last moment wasting precious time. To make it even more interesting, make some popcorns or snacks to munch throughout. Or you can even search for the best online ordering app for restaurants.

Make Different Sandwiches

Buy different ingredients and place them separately and encourage each family member to make their version of sandwiches. Once everyone has made their version you can enjoy them as dinner. This is especially interesting if you have young children at home as they would like to try out different and new things

Backyard Camping

Pack a small backpack and put up a tent in the back yard and spend the entire night camping out there. Start up a fire and make smores too. And plan out different activities for camping like playing a card game, singing songs or telling a story or spend the night stargazing

Scavenger Hunt

This game is fun regardless of the age, if you have smaller kids place really simple clues or have a colour scavenger hunt, with older children you can organize a hunt with tougher clues.

Dance Party

Select a few party family friendly songs and If you have part supplies decorate the house with it. Play those songs and dance together or you can even organize a karaoke and sing together

Watch Old Family Videos or Photos

Play some old video or show photos of your kids from the time they were small and the trips that you had taken. This is a beautiful way to reminisce and relive those times.


Charades are really a very fun game and a way to spend the evening in fits of laughter

Time Capsule

This is an interesting thing to create with your kids especially, take any box and fill it with photos, letter and anything that you would like to open up later and seal the box writing down the date that you would open it and keep it away.


Play a board game or try to solve a jigsaw puzzle together.

These are only a few ways to spend quality family time but the list is not restricted to this you can do more to create beautiful moments.

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