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Importance of Proper Prenatal Care


Proper prenatal care is one of the essential steps to healthy pregnancy, labour and childbirth. As soon as you discovered that you’re expecting, make an appointment with your doctor or midwife to help you through this wonderful journey of pregnancy. Here are the 5 reasons why prenatal care is important for every pregnant woman out there.

Ensures Good Health

Doctors and midwives are experts when it comes to proper prenatal care. Having a healthy pregnancy means keeping you and the developing baby inside the womb in good health and proper development. Regular prenatal visits help track the progress of your pregnancy to see if your baby is healthy and is developing properly according to his gestational age.

Aside from monitoring growth, prenatal visits also help detect health issues earlier so the doctor can treat it immediately before it gets worse. Your doctor will also prescribe some supplements and give you good advice to help you through your pregnancy. Book an appointment online with Melbourne Mothers Obstetrician for an easy and convenient scheduling process.

Keep Track of Baby’s Development

One of the main purposes of prenatal check-up is to keep track of your baby’s growth and development inside the womb. Your doctor will measure your belly during your scheduled check up to see how your baby is growing. Aside from that, you will also undergo ultrasound checks to see the conditions inside the womb and whether your baby is developing well in there. You can also get to know the gender of your little one through an ultrasound check.

Helps You Get the Right Nutritional Information

Your nutritional needs change during pregnancy. Aside from the regular vitamins and minerals that is normally enough for your body, you have to gain more nutrients to support your baby’s growth and development inside the womb. It doesn’t mean that you have to eat for two but rather choose healthier food options that are rich in those essential nutrients that you need.

You doctor will help you know which foods are good to eat when you’re pregnant and which ones to avoid. You may also be given some prenatal vitamins to ensure that your baby gets all the vitamins and minerals that he needs during this crucial period.

Help You Plan Your Labour and Delivery

Most clinics help their clients in planning out their labour and delivery. During the later parts of your prenatal visits, your doctor will discuss with you and your partner the procedures involved and the possible scenarios that could happen during the big day.

You can also ask and express your questions and concerns with your doctor so she can plan out an intervention or treatment that is applicable to you. Having a labour and delivery plan can help lessen your anxiety in giving birth to your baby, knowing that everything is well laid out.

Every pregnant woman deserves the best and complete prenatal care in order to ensure a safe and healthy labour and delivery.

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