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Interior Décor: Captivating Ideas for A Dining Room


Whether you’re moving into a new house or simply want to revamp your dining room and give it that extra zest of interior, the process can be a fun and enjoyable task! There are countless yet simple ways to make this happen without having to worry about big budgets. Keep reading to find out a few easy and glamorous décor ideas for your dining room. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Believe it or not, a mirror in your dining room can be such a perfect fit. Be it a standing one or a horizontal frame-like one to hang behind you dining table set, it can give the room an illusion of being bigger than it is. Not to mention it makes the room look fancy and gives a hint of extra lighting due to the reflection.

Geometric lighting

Adding a touch of geometric structure to any room can make a stunning difference and look great from every angle. Using geometric chandleries over the table area is a timeless beauty and keeps the room simplistic and charming at the same time. You can either go for open designed ones with the bulbs visible or closed ones.

Eye catching centre pieces

The dining table is the key component of a dining room. From beautiful floral and plant filled vases to different length candles to fancy little dining accessories like salt & pepper mugs, these centrepieces can do wonders in bringing the table to life. Always keep in mind that the size and number of centrepieces should be just right and not too much. A table runner also makes for a pretty option.

Bench style seating

Be it a banquet style seating arrangement or simply having one or both sides of a table with a bench styled seating, it’s a great way to bring in something different yet sophisticated into your dining room. It’s also one of the perfect choices for small spaces as having a bench allows you to tuck it under the table when not in use. You could go for wooden benches or benches with cushioned seating.

Light vs. dark colours

Going for the same colours can be a safe choice, however going for suitable yet contrasting colours makes for a bold choice. Whether it is dark walls with light accents or vice versa, this can make every object in your room more prominent and eye catching. It’s important to keep the colours beautiful yet dramatic rather than too harsh.

Open shelves

If you’ve got extra space in your dining room that feels plain and is missing something, then open cabinets and shelves are the way to go. These could be wall built or simply separate pieces of furniture. Having open ones makes the room filled yet keeps it light and airy. They are a great way to store in cutleries as well as personal items like frames and maybe cook books. Having a built-in lighting in the open shelves highlights the structure more with added beauty.

These are some of the first steps towards creating a dreamy and budget friendly dining space.


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