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Key differences between residential and commercial flooring


Making construction or finishing related decisions must always be made with professional opinions. Because all businesses want to make sales, you might end up spendingon a solution that isn’t worth it unless you understand the suitability. Understanding the difference between residential and commercial flooring is mandatoryin being well acknowledged on the aspect of flooring. In doing so, here are the key differences that you should take into consideration.

The aspect of foot traffic

Imagine the busiest part of your house; is it the staircase? The verandah? Or could it be a common alley? When evaluating this aspect, you’d notice how the average foot traffic varies at these locations compared to the entire house. Now, you need to compare the busiest locations of your house with the busiest areas at your office; are you seeing the gap of foot traffic? The more the foot traffic there is, the faster would be the wearing off. Thus, choosing the material for these areas must be done considering the average expected wearing-off rate.

The overall amount of materials

If you’re finally looking forward to renovating your house’s flooring completely, you should understand that the need for the materials depends on the overall ground area. These ground areas tend to be massive in the commercial setting. That’s why purchasing from suppliers who deal with residential needs wouldn’t get you the best discount flooring melbourne. But there are a handful of companies with enough stock to act as both the wholesaler and the retailer. On occasions like these, is it better to disclose both the area to be covered and the nature of the floor’s functionality for the best discounts? However, you should remember that smaller or even a majority of medium-scale companies just cannot fulfill your discounting needs.

The strength factor

The wearing-off factor applies only on the surface. The strength factors directly address the cracking and warping issues. There used to be a time when marble or granite floors were chosen to deal with these complications. However, these options are extremely expensive. When it comes to cheaper solutions, the use of adhesives on the subfloor increases the risk of cracking and warping. Thus, settling for flooring solutions that require no adhesives with enough strength would fix this matter; what you need to do is finding the right supplier.

The appearance aspect

You would notice a massivedifference between the floors of your favorite restaurant and your house in considering any areas. Thus, it is always better to be well aware of the type of flooring as well, not just the material. In fact, there are several materialistic differences between the flooring options that look identical but differ in catering to residential and commercial needs.

Installation cost

Installing the floor of your house on your own is a blessing. But this might not be easy unless you have a reliable set of employees at your office. The best solution to combat the massive installation costs of flooring is to choose adhesive-free flooring types that cater better results than conventional flooring.


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