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List of Essential Parts for Your Vehicle


Traveling offers a broad spectrum of benefits such as learning a new culture and language, meeting new people, building self-confidence, and the list goes on. Start by doing road trips every weekend. Go to places you have never been to before.

And you can do it easily by having a car of your own. You can go anytime, anywhere – alone or with your family. If you have a big family, it is wise to have a van. Once you have a vehicle, you may do a few upgrades. Additionally, keep this list of essential parts for vehicle, just in case you need to replace old car parts later on.


An auto brake system is composed of the brake pedal, brake pad, brake rotor, calliper, and light switch. More often than not, when something is wrong with the brakes, it is a result of something faulty with a brake pad and calliper. If you are having issues with your brakes, have them checked right away.


The battery is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. Without it, your car can’t work. It stores energy in chemical structure so it can be released as electricity to turn on the engine as well as the other components in your car. When talking about a car battery, you will come across different terms like AGM, battery capacity, battery terminal, and cold cranking amps. Get to know each term so you will know what your car mechanic is telling you, especially when you need him to fix your car. If you own a Ford vehicle, you may want to check out ford spare parts for your battery and other needs.


The radiator is responsible to cool down your car’s engine and stop it from overheating. You will find it beneath the hood. Make sure to check the level of your coolant at least twice a year. If it needs to be replaced, do not worry, as it will only take a day.


The alternator produces electricity that transfers mechanical energy into electrical energy in the form of AC or alternating current. It is employed to provide power to your car’s battery as well as the electrical system. If you detect that your car’s battery is not working, the cause might be an overcharged battery, or there might be a problem with your alternator. So, have it checked by your trusted car mechanic immediately.


The axle is in charge when you want to brake or turn your vehicle. Hence, it is an important part of the steering system. Today’s car models are powered with a split axle, which makes your everyday ride experience smoother. You will know if your axle has an issue if you are hearing loud clinking noises. Moreover, axles are part of the suspension system which gives power to the wheels from the engine.

If you are a car owner, whether it is brand new or pre-owned, you have to know the essential parts for your vehicle. So, you will know how each component works.


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