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Overcoming biological (hoof) defects of horses – the context of the shoes


The horse by all means is a miraculous creature; let it be the looks, the things it can do and the sheer legends, owning a horse is how you showcase your wealth in the right way. But this is just one aspect. There can be occasions where the horses are being maintained for racing, or even for entertainment. But since the beginning of time, there was one massive problem that people faced in the context of horses.

That is the problem of biological defects. When it says ‘biological defects’, this does not mean any sort of crippling, but the defects in the hoof. It is quite often that these sorts of conditions are seen in horses given it isn’t that rare. But how do we overcome this problem?

Changing biological conditions is never an easy nor a cost-effective thing to do. But let us look at the immediate complication that comes out. That is the lack of a hoof wall; this takes away the typical convenient way of nailing a horse shoe on to that. But what if you didn’t need the hoof in the first place?

This is where the glue on horseshoes come into play – this is simply the application of a plastic-coated shoe around the hoof wall. This way, the problem of lacking a regular hoof wall is ruled out. Although solutions like these are not exactly popular since the condition that it resolves isn’t seen in abundance of horses, this takes away one of the very painful mistakes that horses who suffer this condition do not deserve at all. What is it? It is force nailing the typical metallic horse shoes.

Since this is not a metallic horse shoe to begin with, it takes away all the disadvantages that metallic shoes have; the weight, the chances to turn septic and this list goes on. Since you obviously would not want a horse whose hoof is not exactly in the stronger condition for racing, one simply should not be discouraged, thinking that this is a mere cover up of a disability.

The gluing on can be one of the easiest ways to make sure that their lifestyle isn’t really hindered, whilst you necessarily do not have to make the horses wear the same thing for a lifetime. This is one of the biggest misconceptions that all horse owners need to overcome. It does not take more than a disk sander to sand off the fabric on the hoof wall and you will be more than good to go for a replacement. If you feel like you do not qualify for the job, there is no problem in hiring an experienced person for that job.

In the end of the day, it is essential that we all understand these equine hacks so that these innocent animals will never ever have to suffer. That’s simply how you become the savior horse owner of your creatures’ dreams.

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