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Photoflow technology – everything you need to know in one place


The world is running out of resources; let it be coal, oil or even fossil fuel, it is official that the resources are running out. In this context, having a source of abundance of supply almost feels like a dream coming true.

Just as much as the energy, the water resources are running out as well. Many researchers have found out that the potable water percentage from the world’s water resources is even less than 1%. In this condition too, it would be a relief to have an abundance of clean potable water for good.

But what if, you had the chance to resolve both of these problems as long as you have the sun and the rain? Of course, you do and that, by definition, is called the Photoflow technology.

This technology basically talks about how solar panels are being used as a catchment area for rainwater harvesting. Why? This is mainly to achieve the highest purity of the rainwater given that the fundamentals of rainwater harvesting stresses on the importance of the cleanliness of the catchment surface. In a background like this, having clean and smooth surfaces like solar panels is probably the best way to increase the run off with a runoff coefficient that almost is equal to unity.

In a country like Australia where there is enough sunlight to supply energy to the world, most solar power companies brisbane are keen on involving in projects like these. Because in the end of the day, while you are collecting potable-worthy rainwater, you will be able to save power in a whole new level.

In a research conducted in 2019 based on a hospital, it was identified that the use of solar panels as a catchment area helps to achieve a 20% power supply, which is a huge amount of power given the context of the consumption in terms of the number. Furthermore, this study further reveals how a combined system of rainwear, greywater and a system of high-efficient fixtures helps to drop the water use to a massive 82% which again is a massive amount.

Using a technology like this for your home, your office place, your factory, your hospital or wherever it is probably one of the best things to do. Because that way, you are utilizing sustainable features whilst enjoying your life to the fullest. But the problem is the selection of the company to get the job done. But is really hard? Not so much.

If you paid attention to the factories such as;

  • Average cost fluctuation
  • Availability of warranty of the products
  • The responsible and professional installment of the system

And many more, you would be able to be at least recommended on few options to choose from. That way, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the power collected by the sun for almost every activity that you do at your home and even your office.

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