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Saying “I Do” In the Tranquillity of An Off-City Setting


One’s wedding is an unforgettable event in any of their life. Even though today, mere cohabitation has become a norm, after a happy marriage any anyone will learn that there is no substitution for the true bliss of it followed by a gala wedding. Due to the need of being unique, couples look for diverse wedding halls, special themes and uncommon function venues to hold their wedding. But what is more beautiful and unique than saying I Do in the tranquillity of native bush land, overlooking a breathtaking sunset and glistening river?

Visit the Place

Websites and brochures can and will promise you so many things. But unless you visit the actual place in person you won’t get the proper idea about what it looks like. Once you are there you will be able to view the actual function menu and make a decision on where to have what. For example, if you want to have an outdoor wedding, where would you have the make-up alter, where the guests would sit and where the dance floor would be.

If it is an indoor one, how the buffet will be set out and what sort of floral decorations are suitable for the venue etc. When you are visiting it, remember to be accompanied by your event planner or at least the florist. It is also best that you have some of your wedding party tagging along with you, most importantly your significant-other-to-be and maybe one or two of your groom’s men or bride’s maids.

What to Expect from The Venue Providers?

Today the wedding venues are very organized. If you choose an off-city setting, due to the difficulty in sourcing various items, the hotel itself will take responsibility of some stuff. For example, they will give you options of table decors and other floral decorations. If they can provide what you have in mind it is best to go with that offer.

Most hotels also provide a free room or two for a single night when you hire their venues for a wedding. Unless you plan to have the whole clan down anyway to that hotel, you can certainly take up the free room offer. Even if you are booking several rooms for your relatives and friends you would be able to ask for a discount because of the substantial expenditure.

The Budgeting Process

This is the most important part. If you are splitting the cost with your partner, sit down with him or her and go through all the relevant costs. From the pre-trip to visit the off-city site where you are having the wedding, to a suitable venue such as the Echuca Moama Resort, to all the trips you have to take for cake tasting, dress fitting, makeup testing and more, must be included into the budget.

On-the-day expenses, such as cameraman, decorations if relevant, DJ and easily forgetful expenses like a reverend’s fee if applicable, must also be included. Be sure to have a certain percentage set away as a buffer amount. It will be complete if you add the cost of the honeymoon you are planning to take as well.

The day itself will go by in a blur. If you are the bride you won’t even remember what happened. So, make sure you have a good photographer and enjoy the day as much as you can!


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