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Steps To Kick Start The Migration Process


Migrating can be stressful as many aspects need to be looked into when starting the visa process. It is not a cake walk where you simply obtain visa and fly off. There are many regulations that need to be looked at so here they are.

Define Your Emigrant Profile

It is a deep and honest self-evaluation for the inventory of strengths, professional competences and personal skills, together with the identification of the least favorable aspects that you have. A deep self-evaluation will help you determine your real possibilities of emigrating. At the end of this exercise, you will know exactly what your real possibilities of emigrating are. 

In addition, you will be able to specify the adjustments that your profile needs to increase your chances of success. “I must improve my command of English”, “I urgently need to finish my master’s degree”, “I need more professional experience”, “I am going to study a technical trade that multiplies my options of getting a job abroad” are some examples.

You need to pay attention to age, educational qualifications, professional experience and any family members included in the process. There are certain regulations with regard to these, for example; more point will be awarded for applicants below 40 years. Visit for details on these regulations.

Checking Your Skills In Foreign Language

Managing the foreign language is the key to the immigrant’s success. To start an immigrant visa application process, the candidate must demonstrate, with language proficiency tests, the level they possess in the official language of the chosen country. In general, it is stated that speaking the language of the receiving country fluently is essential for social integration and job search. 

Therefore, language knowledge can condition success or failure abroad. An advanced level is needed in oral and written production and in the comprehension and reading of the foreign language. If this competence is not possessed, the relevant studies are recommended immediately.

Determine How Much Money You Require For The Project

Nations that receive qualified immigrants require that newcomers have sufficient savings to support them during the first months of installation, while looking for a job. Knowing how much money you have is important when emigrating. Depending on the nation, an amount equivalent to three or six months of stay without work is estimated. 

In the best scenario, the newcomer will be able to find an occupation before spending the entire sum saved, and will be able to use that money for a family project, such as buying the first home. The good news for immigrants is that the recipient nations’ banks, aware of the financial needs of potential new customers, have begun to introduce special services targeting immigrants.

Thus, certain banks authorize foreigners with an approved immigrant visa to open a savings account from the country of origin, so that they begin to save in the currency of their future country, even before emigrating. Credit cards are also offered to candidates with no credit history at the new destination. In sum, financial facilities for newcomers are extended. In order to more accurately calculate the amounts required for an emigration project, we suggest thoroughly researching on living expenses of the country you want to migrate to.

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