Business — June 6, 2019 at 10:20 am

Technologies That Could Change Retail Forever


In this digital age, you cannot expect the retail industry to not be affected by technology. We still think of a physical store when you think of retail. However, it is all changing now. The physical stores will offer more than just plain goods and online shopping is taking the lead. Customers always want quality goods at an affordable price and it is the responsibility of shop owners to give the best experience possible to them. So here are some new technologies that is taking the retail industry by storm.

Physical Showrooms for Online Sales

The biggest problem online shoppers have is that they cannot physically fit on the items before purchase and hence many are very sceptical about online shopping. Now, online retailers are opening up ‘guide-shops’ that has all the items on the website in all sizes so people can come fit them on however never leave with any item. They can only try them on, go back home and order the items online. This way, retailers don’t have to maintain big stores paying high rent, rather can have a small store with only a limited amount of clothes for people to try on. Any returns can be done to the store.

Smart Mirrors

Nobody likes waiting in line to the fitting room and taking time to fit on any clothes. Research has found that over 40% of people hate putting on clothes in fitting rooms and hence do not buy anything that they have doubts on. Retailers now have installed smart mirrors that will scan your body and then fits on all clothes digitally to show you how they would look on you. Sales surprisingly increased by many times as now, people did not have to go through any hassle at the fitting rooms. You can even have a side by side comparison of various outfits you chose.

Checkout Free Stores

You’d hardly see cashiers anymore. Now, stores have a self-checkout point of sale software Brisbane that are very easy to use and extremely fast so you don’t have to stand in queues anymore. Stores now allow customers to enter the shop and log into the store’s system through a mobile app, collect what they want and simply walk out. The advanced software will detect all items taken and bill the customer automatically through online payment services. This way, retailers save on staff wages and the customers are happy too. The future stores might even have advanced technology where you don’t even have to get off your car, but the items will be brought to you.

Virtual Realities

These apps are mainly used by furniture retailers so that you can virtually see how a piece of furniture will fit your home space. The app will scan your space and make a digital picture. Next, through virtual reality, you can place whatever furniture you need in the space to see if it fits the space before you buy it. Going one step further from smart mirrors, VR lets people try clothes virtually on themselves rather than simply looking at an image in the mirror.

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