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The Importance Of Using Mezzanine In An Industrial Setting


Mezzanine comes from the Italian word “mezzano” which means “middle”. This is a floor system between the major floors of the building, but it doesn’t cover the entire area. They usually look like low-level balconies. This system has a variety of uses at home, commercial and industrial areas. Here, we are going to focus on its significance in the industrial setting.

Industrial Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor

Usually, Warehouse mezzanine floors have plenty of benefits. Warehouses usually have higher ceilings so there is much unused space above the work area. A mezzanine can be installed to transform it into more working spaces. You can even double your working area depending on the way it’s installed. It is the quickest and most cost-friendly way to solve warehouse space needs. Installation is quick and easy; with prefabricated mezzanine floors, it can be made outside the warehouse and simply erect it on site when it’s done. This means lesser work disruption during the installation process.

Uses of Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanines have plenty of industrial uses. Aside from providing additional storage, here are other ways to utilize it fully.

  • Work Areas – Designating a specialized work area is one of the greatest uses of mezzanine. If you have machineries or equipment that require a professional to operate, this flooring system helps keep them out from ordinary workers. Adding railings and a gate helps maintain the safety of your workers while working on the level. Mezzanine height, load capacity and layouts can be customized depending on your needs.
  • Office Space – Mezzanines are perfect for additional office areas that save you from constructing another building. Supervisors usually take mezzanine offices since it gives them a separate working space that allows full view of the work processes below.
  • Conveyor and Catwalk Systems – Aside from storage, this flooring system can serve as quick transportation systems. It can be used to bridge mezzanines together for easier access to workers or faster transport of inventory across the warehouse.

Mezzanine Additions

Workplace safety is one of the essential factors to consider in an industry. You can improve the safety features of your mezzanine floor systems by adding these things.

  • Safety Gates – This keeps the area from unauthorized entry. Safety gates also help workers load and unload inventory to the designated area. There are different types of gate for every need. Swing gates are used on areas that require easy access. Sliding gates are perfect for areas that require some restriction. Pivot gates are the most secure because of their mechanism that requires the other end of the gate to be closed always. Safety gates can be customized depending on its use and the size of objects that passes through it.
  • Handrail – This keeps workers and materials from slipping off from the mezzanine. Handrails used for stairs look different from those used to surround the entire mezzanine level. Ensuring that it conforms to the OSHA code helps you become confident on the safety of your workers.

If you’re looking for ways to increase factory or warehouse space, a mezzanine floor system is one of the best things to try. Aside from being convenient, you can also cut down on expansion costs by simply doubling the capacity of your old building.

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