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Things to Know before Installing a Deck Railing System


The railing is one of the most important components of a deck. That’s mainly because it’s required for security reasons. The railing can be installed separately from the deck. Most homeowners prefer to design the railing the same way as the rest of the deck. However, you can choose any other material you like. For more information like this about installing deck railing, scroll down and begin reading:

Legal Compliance

There are building codes to specifically address railing systems in Australia. The codes may vary on local levels. Regardless, they are still there and you need to comply. Railing codes may specify the type of material you can use, size, or any other related feature.

Knowing these requirements will help you save a ton of money when you have to actually buy the material. You can check in with your local municipal council for the latest railing code requirements. Remember, these can change, so always check the most recent version only.

Choose a Material

The biggest part of picking your own railing is choosing the material. There are several available you can choose from, such as wood, glass, metal, vinyl, composite, cables, and so on. Each material offers unique perks. Each has its own drawbacks as well, and some offer more than others.

There isn’t a best railing material for your deck form the get go. You can choose what you want based on your needs. The standard deck railing, though, is made from a metal like steel. You can go for slats or cables. The latter offers an unobstructed view of the surroundings, something you can always appreciate from atop a deck.

Always consider the load capacity and corrosion resistance when choosing material. Load capacity will change depending on the size of your deck. Corrosion resistance is very important for outdoor structures to ensure durability. If the material has to be painted on, then it’s not rust-resistant.

Find a Reliable Supplier

Once you have chosen the material you want, then it’s time to look for a supplier. You would need a reliable and experienced supplier to ensure quality and economic value. Value and affordability are not mutually exclusive. Search for buy cheap wire balustrade online and you will find top Australian suppliers that offer high-quality yet also budget-friendly railing material.

Factor in Environmental Considerations

Because the decking is outdoors, you can’t ignore the elements when building the railing. As mentioned above, the material you choose need to be corrosion resistant. Otherwise, it won’t be durable enough to hold up or may require serious upkeep money.

There are other environment consideration as well, such as birds. A whole railing, such as one made with glass slabs, may hinder flying birds, which may not see the glass, hit it instead, and die. To prevent this calamity, you can choose cable railing, which has enough space in between to allow small birds to fly.

Think about Maintenance Requirements in Advance

Some material are harder to maintain than others. Wood, for example, requires constant damage repairs, polishing, and overall care. Metal is less maintenance free, but may be prone to rusting. Before choosing a material, familiarise yourself with the type of upkeep it requires. Choose the material based on whether you can maintain it on the long run as well.

Once you have the above points down, you can consider the budget. There are factors, such as code compliance, that you need to prioritise over the price tag. When you truly get these pointers, you will be able to purchase a great railing system for your deck.

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