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Things You Need To Do Before You Kiss Your Twenties Goodbye


Growing up is part of life however there are some things that are better done in a certain period as coming back to it later on may be difficult or just not the same. This is especially true when it comes to the things one should do in their twenties. When you are in the twenties, life’s responsibilities have just begun and it may seem like it’s tough but in all actuality life has just begun, you still have youth and energy on your side. Most importantly you have the time. When you hit your thirties and the responsibilities grow, especially if you get married and have children, life will just chip away at the time and energy you have. You may want to fulfil the things on your bucket list but you simply won’t be able to. Therefore if you are still in your twenties here are 3 things you need to do before you join the thirties club.

Travel to Different Countries

When you are young and your needs are lower, travelling is just much easier. You could just backpack through a foreign country because you have the energy to do so and you will find it easier to adjust and adapt to your surroundings. When you grow older, travelling abroad would be more difficult because you won’t be able to adjust with as much ease nor will you actually find the time to head off abroad in the first place. As earning money takes more priority over experiences and the simple joys in life, you would need to make sacrifices and sometimes the sacrifice is things like these. You simply will find it difficult to go on a vacation and even if you do, it simply would not be as satisfying as one taken when you are still in the prime of your youth.

Do Something Exciting

As you grow older fears that you never had will start to set in. For many it’s a fear of heights. Furthermore you start to be more focused on the risks as you stand to lose a lot of things in case something goes wrong. Chance are, it won’t but when you have more responsibilities, doing something exciting just for an adrenaline rush will seem immature and more terrifying than it is. However these adventurous and exciting tales are the ones that are looked back with immense fondness when you grow older. So do this while you are still young. Go bungee jumping or hot air ballooning melbourne and experience something new. Soaring in the skies and seeing the world from an entirely different perspective can be refreshing and to many, it is also impactful. You learn to love every moment of life and you start to feel more invigorated. So go do something exciting while you still can.

Volunteer To Help the Community

There is nothing as emotionally fulfilling as volunteering. The need to help the community and improve the life of someone else is there within all of us. However when you grow older, it just simply becomes difficult to volunteer and help out. Time constraints and an overall weaker physical health can make this more of a chore than anything else. So when you are still young make an impact in the life of others. Go volunteer and help the community.

Ultimately time lost will never come back so do not wait until a better occasion turns up. Go do the above as soon as possible before you lose the chance to ever do them again.

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