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Tips and Tricks to Maintain Neatly Trimmed Grass in Your Garden


We all know the struggle when your garden gets unruly with overgrown grass and sometimes there is a tendency that it becomes overlooked. Keeping the grass neatly trimmed and the garden in order reflects well on your home. If your garden is at the front of your house, a neatly maintained garden will brighten and liven up the place setting a nice green feel to it. Trimming your grass is not as simple as it sounds and in fact doing it wrong may cause your garden more harm than good. Below are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when trimming the grass in your garden.

Make Sure Your Lawn Is Dry Before You Mow It

This is an important tip to remember because a dry lawn is the easiest and safest to mow. Choose a time of day where the grass is the driest and also a time of the day that is most convenient to you. Preferably during the early evening would be an ideal time for this as opposed to the morning or night time or even mid-day. During the morning, the grass will be wet even if it hasn’t rained, this is due to the dew that forms overnight. During mid-day, it will be harder for you to work with the sun harshly shining down at you. Not choosing night time as the best time to mow the lawn is fairly obvious as you can’t really see anything much, even with lights on it wouldn’t be productive as kit would during the day. Early evening is ideal because if there is any dew ion the morning it would have dried up by then and the sun has not completely gone down either and so is bright enough to see. If you mow a wet lawn, the grass might get stuck in the mower and be dangerous to you.

Mow In Different Directions And As Frequently As Needed.

It is important to trim your grass in all directions and to make sure to not confine it to one direction. This is because the more you trim the grass in one direction, the more the grass gets adapted to it and begins growing towards the direction in which its being trimmed, that is, it will begin to bend and not stand upright. The best way to prevent it is to trim it in all random directions. It is also important to remember to not make this a routinely trim and rather trim when needed.  If you are hiring lawn mowing services Melbourne, make sure to let them know that it is not a routinely trim and that you will call when needed. However, this may cost a bit more than a scheduled trim.

Don’t Trim the Grass Too Short

This may sound a bit odd but is actually quite true and helpful in many ways. When trimming the grass, make sure to only cut a one third from the tip of the grass. You may have to trim again sooner than later but a higher grass field is less prone to weed and will also grow very healthy.

With these key tips, you can also maintain your neatly trimmed grass and have a beautiful bed of green in your garden.



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