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Tips for Managing a Warehouse


A warehouse manager’s job and responsibilities are quite diverse. You’ll be managing everything from your employees work performance to safety measures. If you’re new to the job, the whole thing can seem rather daunting and overwhelming. However, with enough practice and a bit of guidance, you will find yourself executing all your daily management tasks to perfection.

Even if you come from a management background, a warehouse may be a whole new different environment for you. That’s why we’ve compiled some effective warehouse management tips that should help you adjust very well to it:

Keep the Warehouse Floors Clean Always

Unlike an office, the warehouse is a more relatively dangerous place to work in. People are always moving around carrying heavy loads and there may be forklifts on the move as well. Hence it is absolutely essential that the aisles are clear from the following:

  • Spills and debris
  • Cords– These are especially hazardous because both employees and vehicles can trip over them. Cords should never be placed along walkways.

Train Your Employees on Safety Procedures

The best and most effective way to prevent accidents in the warehouse is to train your employees to follow safety procedures at all time. If an SOP that’s specific to your company does not exist yet, we recommend that you work together with Human Resources on putting one out. Afterwards, make sure that it is available to each and every employee.

It’s also a good idea to test you employees on safety procedures in order to keep them on their toes.

Perform Regular Maintenance on Heavy Machinery

If you don’t have operators regularly inspect and perform maintenance on the machines, then you’ll have to have them replaced more often. Hence refer to the manuals of these machines and set up a maintenance regime for each.

The forklift is one machine that’s heavily used in warehouses and you want to take especially good care of them. You may be able to save maintenance costs in the long-run by outright replacing the ones that tend to break down often. We recommend looking for second-hand 30, 20, 10 or 7 ton forklift for sale, depending on your requirement.

Deal With Incompetent Employees

You need to run your warehouse like a tight ship. Hence, there is no room for incompetence and bad behaviour. If a certain employee is regularly ineffective at his/her job and not complying with safety procedures, it is time to let him/her go. Firing employees is tough but sometimes it has to be done for the sake of progress.

Use an Inventory Management System

An inventory management system can make your job much easier. It’ll help you keep track of what shipments are coming in and going out, the quantities of each item in stock right now, how much you need to order, the contact details of your suppliers…etc. If the company isn’t making use of one right now, you should definitely urge your seniors to consider investing in an inventory management software.

Managing a warehouse is definitely not an easy task, considering how much responsibility there is. These five tips should however make things a bit easier for you, especially if you’re new to the job.

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