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Tips to Design A Small Bathroom


Designing a small space can be a challenge to anyone. Especially if you already have an idea what your dream house is going to be and have all kinds of plans, it can be a little difficult to include all those in a small space. And this is no different when it comes to designing or decorating a small bathroom space. So, for those of you who are looking for ways to achieve a chic bathroom look, even in a small space, here are some tips you can follow.

Light Colours

Whatever the space you are designing, if it is small but you want to make it appear, more spacey, always go for light colours. Dark colours tend to make spaces look smaller as there won’t be enough light in the space. Therefore, choosing lighter colours that get rid of the claustrophobic feeling in a small space is the best option.

The ideal colour to add for a modern bathroom is white but you can add a touch of colour with light shades of other colours such as blue, grey or green. While it is ok to choose a darker colour if you are fan of those shades remember that in a space like the bathroom where there are so many fixtures and equipment, choosing a calm, light colours will be more suitable.

Choose Your Basins Right

There are few changes that you can make when you are choosing the basins for your bathroom in order to make them fit perfectly in a small space. One of them is to choose a wall-hung basin. These are attached directly to the wall so it will be saving extra floor space.

You can also opt for just one basin instead of the classic dual basin design. This would increase the counter space in your bathroom and will save the additional space you have to give up for an extra sink. And if you are looking for the best in the industry pay attention to some of the new designs by your local stores before hurrying into choosing the usual common designs.

Have Enough Storage Space

The last thing you would want in a small bathroom is extra clutter that cram up your space even more. To avoid this, make sure there are enough storage space to store all your extra towels, tooth brushes and other essentials. If you are opting for wall-hung basins and do not have a vanity, you can always try for open shelves or some stylish baskets to store your items. These will add a more spacey look to your space than closed cupboards. Open storages are also great if you do not have enough space to fit in a bathroom cabinet in your available space.

Glass Shower Wall

Most of the times, designers recommend walk-in showers over tubs to save space in the bathroom. However, whether you are planning to add a walk-in shower or add a bath tub, adding a glass shower wall is another great way to make sure that your bathroom doesn’t look unnecessarily obstructed or cluttered.

Even a shower curtain can make the bathroom space look partitioned in the middle and can make it look even smaller. Instead with the glass wall there will not be any visual obstructions. Instead of reducing space like other materials, glass can make the space appear larger, making sure that your bathroom looks spacey enough.

With these fixtures added, your bathroom will no longer look small or crammed. Instead of changing your dream design entirely to fit the space available, you can make these little changes and still get a perfect look.

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