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Tips To Frame Your Pictures


Pictures are all that are left of moments that have long since been over and our only mementos that will allow us to remember them in our memory. Therefore pictures are quite an important part of all our lives and we go to great lengths to enlarge them, carefully frame them and hang them on our walls to lovingly look at, every time we pass them on our way out the door. Because these are very special moments in our history picking the right frame to surround them is an equally important task. The following are a few tips that will prove to be useful to you when trying to pick frames for your beloved photos.

Mix And Match

Most of us are used to going for the safe option of plain black or a dull brown when framing our pictures. However this doesn’t necessarily protect the quality of the picture and neither do they complement the picture in most instances. Therefore, before you pop out and buy a plain old black frame to shove your picture into, take a good look at it. This of course does not mean you should be tacky about your selection of frames and go for the one with multicoloured balloons on it for a timeless black and white picture. Be assertive with your frames but not boring and overtly crazy either.

Colour Coordinate

Every picture can either be enhanced or destroyed by the selection of its frame. This specifically applies to the colour of said frames. As aforementioned, while black and brown may be the safest options they don’t always work in favour of the picture. It’s advisable to look at the colour combination of the picture and pick something that works with it and highlights it. However, never make the mistake of highlighting your frame as opposed to the picture you’re placing in it. For example never use a bright orange or red frame for a picture with hues of yellow. The colours may complement each other but the former will likely to overshadow the latter.

Balance The Picture

Another common mistake that happens when it comes to framing pictures is not properly balancing them. This is especially true when it comes to multilayered frames where when everything is completed and it’s hung on the wall, it’s completely lopsided and tilted to the right or left and becomes the laughing stock of the entire wall instead of the piece of art you intended it to be. Well, Large picture framers will also face this problem due to having wide photos in them. In order to avoid these, make sure you hang them or at least keep it on a horizontally level surface to check if the balance is properly achieved before you finalize everything.

Be Creative

Be imaginative with your frames. Yes, ultimately the picture needs to stand out but as mentioned in the beginning these are little moments of your life or an instant you went to considerable lengths to capture because they were important to you. Add a little personal touch to your photos. Pick complementary frames. Decorate an entire wall with your memories. The sky is the limit.

Frames are just as important as the pictures inside them. These are only a few tips to help you choose wisely.

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