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Top factors to consider before an artificial turf job


Even though artificial turf was invented in the 1960s, it did not seem to appeal to the general public until later. If you’re finally considering making use of this amazing option, then you’re making the right choice. There are several benefits of artificial turf that natural grass cannot even begin to fulfill. But the true quality of artificial turf only comes up when certain aspects are taken into consideration. Thus, let us find out about the top factors to be considered when you’re getting a turf job done.

The nature of the expectations

If you were asked the question of why you are choosing artificial turf over natural grass, you’d say because it’s better. While it sure is better, you need to understand the functionalities of different types of artificial turf. For example, the type of grass used for landscape might not be useful for indoor use. This is due to the chemical characteristics of each type. Apart from turf itself, there can be other expectations that cannot be met with conventional artificial turf but with sporting turf or even acrylic. The more descriptive you are, the easier it will be for the service provided.

The dimensions of a roll, and other features

It is no doubt that the overall cost is going to be a common factor. But what’s more important than the cost itself is the basis on which you will be charged. If you didn’t know, artificial turf laying is done by laying down rolls of grass as neatly as possible. Before this, your choice from the synthetic grass suppliers in Sydney must know the area to be covered. In addition to the length and the width of the roll, the pile thickness should be considered too. Since the artificial grass doesn’t grow, it’s not practical to change the thickness once it’s complete. Thus, you must know the dimensions of a roll, along with other features.

Maintenance and warranty aspects

Although artificial turf doesn’t need regular maintenance unlike natural grass, it still needs maintenance. If this is a residential project, you will be able to do the maintaining part on your own, but you need to know the methodology to ensure that they’re not damaged. On the flip side, it won’t be that simple if it was a rather larger sporting complex. Plans on forthcoming maintenance needs must be sorted out at the starting point itself. The importance of a warranty is the other side of the coin of maintenance. Make sure that you inquire about the warranty period of each material before you make a decision.

Who is going to lay it down?

Buying products is the easy part. Since laying is not easy, you can either recruit independent turf layers, or you can choose a reliable company that both supplies and lays. The chances of damaging the products are higher when you employ third parties. Hence, it is ideal to hire a company that both supplies and lays the turf down for you.


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