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Types of Mud Flaps: Which Ones Suit You Best?


Since the 1970s, when the shaded mud flap girl begins to emerge on various tracks across the USA, the mud flap has become the simplest accessory you might add to your car (aside from fuzzy dice from the mirror). That being said, unlike fluffy dice or cheesy car seat covers, aftermarket mud flaps are an incredibly useful modification for any off-road vehicle.

When you begin upgrading your tires and rims to wider, bigger and more aggressive models, one of the first items you need to do (besides showing them off to your mates) is modifying your OEM mud flaps. Originally fitted mud flaps on most vehicles are ineffective to shield your car from harm to lose gravel, and hurling mud will cause you to drive your car off-road.

Generally, in tandem with the truck grille, a mud flap is used to shield the car, drivers, other cars as well as pedestrians from mud and other particles streaming through the spinning tire into the air. The mud flap is usually made of flexible materials, such as rubber composite, but there is a revival where stainless steel, diamond plate and aluminium mud flaps are becoming the go to mud flaps for enthusiasts

Mud Flap Material: Rubber or Metal?

Once you’re hunting for the right set of mud flaps for your car, you will easily be shocked by the number of options presented to you by your local aftermarket accessory provider. The first thing you need to know is whether to use a rubber or metal mud flap.

Metal Flaps

If you’re a serious rock crawler, or if you’re on some shady trails in your pick up or jeep, you must forget about the Metal Mud Flaps. Metal Mud Flaps are best suited for street use or sand dunes and soft mud due to their rugged nature and construction. Aluminium and steel mud flaps also add a fantastic look to most cars, so don’t overlook them.

Rubber Flaps

Sure, these mud flaps might not always look as crazy as aluminium mud flaps, but if you’re traveling through brutal territory, you’re going to want a versatile mud flap around your tires. Because an aluminium or steel mud flap bends or snaps on a massive rock, the rubber mat reshapes and goes straight back to the spot. Plus, they’re easy to clean and don’t need any special maintenance to keep them looking flawless. Most Toyota mud flaps out there are rubber flaps.

If you’ve determined which kind of mud flaps is ideal for your case, the only thing you have to do is add them. Fortunately, all the mud flaps that we carry are either vehicle-specific or generally flexible, so that each pair of flaps can be equipped with simple hand tools. So, without waiting go upgrade your stock mud flap. Consult a trusted mechanic if you need further assistance on what type goes with your truck and which type you should go for depending on your vehicle usage.


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