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What To Consider When Refurbishing Your Office


Choosing and deciding to restore a part of the office or even refurbish it to give it a whole new look is something that most places want to get done eventually but are hesitant due to several factors. Here are a few things that you will need to consider and look into when deciding on what you want to have done in your office space.

Company Culture and Beliefs

It is crucial that you understand and keep your office culture in mind. Redecorating your office without considering its culture could result in transforming it into an unsatisfactory work environment. It is also important to inspect what kind of changes you want to have made within the office premises. For example:

  • Do you want to extend the workspaces of the employees?
  • Do you want to improve the furnishing and spacing of the office?
  • Do you want to improve how the reception area looks?


Once you have decided to what extent your renovations would be carried out, it is important to cross check the estimate given by the interior designer against your budget allowance. It is at this point that you decide whether or not renovations in all areas of your office are necessary. For example, once you have received the estimate from Northcote, Thornbury and surrounds, you can decide whether or not the level of your expectant renovation is a good idea. Maybe it’s not a requirement that needs immediate attention.

Managing Disruption in the Office

Renovating your office space would probably result in interference of work. Before beginning, you would have to decide on how you are going to manage such a distraction. While the office is being reconditioned, certain areas of the office will be out of bounds to employees and the management would have to propose an alternative.

It is always a good idea to speak to the interior decorator your company has hired and get an estimated time for how long the renovation would take. You would also need to inquire if the management would be replacing the old office furniture with new ones, and if so, when are they expected to be brought in. Be prepared with a plan B in case there is a delay in the arrival of the new furniture and the old furniture has already been moved out. 

Health and Safety of the Employers

Since the employees will be working while the renovation is in progress, it is important to make sure that there is no physical hazards or risks toward the employees. Since the company is liable to pay for any physical or mental damage caused to the employers while on the job, it is the company’s responsibility to ensure no damage is done to the employee.

These are a few of the top things to ask yourself when you are considering renovating your office space. By deciding based on these key questions you could be confident that you will be able to refurbish your office to a high standard while getting the maximum from your budget.

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