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What You Need to Consider Before Hiring A Wedding Cover Band


A lot of weddings use a cover band to keep the event lively. But since they could be costly, you have to check and clarify some things before you decide.

Some of the questions you must ask them is what are the inclusions in the charges, could they play in the ceremony and the reception, how much space they and their instruments are going to need and if the guests could request songs during the wedding.

What Are the Services Included in The Talent Fee?

Hiring a cover bands Melbourne is expensive and you might be surprised by how costly it could be. Before you go and meet with them, ask around the usual talent fee cover bands charge and what are the services included in it. That way you would not be shocked when the cover band that you like tell you their price.

You could also prepare beforehand and would have an idea of how much you have to set aside for the band in your wedding budget. If you are also planning on haggling, at least you would not insult them by haggling at a very low price. As a norm, MC duties, lighting and PA systems and their own instruments are included in the talent fee of wedding cover bands.

Can the Band Play in The Ceremony and Reception?

There are cover bands that only do reception and you have to hire a singer or another band for the ceremony. This could be another item to be added in your already full plate especially if you do not have a coordinator. Not to mention, it could be cheaper to have the same band for both parts of the wedding. Ask them if you could hire them for the whole day and what their rates would be for the ceremony and if they could give you a discount.

How Much Space Does the Band Need?

Before you go looking for a band to hire, you have to coordinate first with your venue. They would of course have the space especially if they usually cater to weddings but the spaces differ especially if you plan to hire a cover band that has more than 5 members. You also need to factor in their instruments so they would typically need a large space.

Can the Guests Request Songs?

Don’t forget to check this before you hire the band especially if your friends, family and other guests like to have a good time and are going to request “their” song to dance to. You have to remember that even if the band’s been playing for a long time and have performed in hundreds of weddings, there is still a possibility that the songs you or your guests would request are not included in their repertoire.

Hiring a band is a major decision and it is better if you would not make this decision on your own. Involve your partner on this and try to look and listen to at least three bands before you decide.

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