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What You Should Remember When Renting Out Your Vehicle


Renting out your vehicle is an easy way to make an extra buck especially if you have one or a few that are not being used on a daily basis. Listed below are some helpful tips to follow when deciding to give your car out for hire regardless of whether it is the first time or if you have been in business for quite a while.

Check Your Insurance

Checking if the vehicle you are planning on renting out has a comprehensive insurance plan is crucial. Make note of when the insurance would be running out because you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a vehicle without an existing insurance plan when it is rented out.

What Kind Of Vehicle Are You Planning On Renting

Selecting the type of vehicle you are hoping to give on rent would depend on the purpose and the number of people expected to be renting it out. If it is a large crowd, you would have to consider asking the individuals to choose another vehicle or company that is able to cater to their crowd.

Discuss Rates

Once you have decided what kind of vehicle would best suit the purpose, discuss rates. Don’t forget to cross examine between other personal car rental places as well as rental companies and other vehicle renting services. Double-check rates and negotiate. Make sure that you highlight things like added features such as navigation systems or baby seats which will encourage the individual to rent your vehicle at the price you quoted.

Discuss how many kilometres they are entitled to and what the charge would be per additional kilometre. Make sure to also mention the fuel consumption of the vehicle they are interested in renting.

What Services Do You Offer

Mention to the individual looking to hire your vehicle if you have any additional services like car leather coating and protection for the seats. Also if they have emergency roadside assistance for speedy roadside repairs within a particular time or you receive an immediate replacement vehicle with no added charge.

Also mention any other added value services such as a redeemable point system for frequent users or free safety accessories such as cargo barriers, savings if you book online and selected companies offer a fleet management system which have their vehicles fitted with remote vehicle security, panic buttons and monitoring system for locating, thereby reducing any possible danger their clients.

Bring Extras If Possible

Most vehicle rental companies charge a separate rate per day for additional features such as navigation or GPS systems and baby seats. If you already own any of this gear you may offer is as part of the rental service or ask if you are to remove those features from the vehicle.

Once the above guidelines are followed you can be ensured that you have made the most appropriate choice to fit your initial objective and making sure that your experience relating to renting out your vehicle the best it can be.

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