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When You Should Be Worried About A Mole


We all have moles and at times we often tend to overlook them since some are not really noticeable, while others serve as a mark to make our features more unique. In other cultures, the location of a mole indicates an individual’s personality. If they have a mole near their mouth, they are talkative. Someone who has a mole in their palm, they will be prosperous and will always have money. And if they have a mole at the sole of their feet, they will not be rooted in one place as they are destined to be a wanderer.

No matter what we know or believe about moles, we also have to remember that our moles need attention, especially if they are exhibiting the following characteristics.

If Your Mole Is Lopsided

Once you notice that your mole is lopsided or that one half is different looking than the other half, it is time to be concerned and to consult a dermatologist just to be sure that it is not a symptom of malignant melanoma or skin cancer. If you have numerous moles all over your body, it is recommended that you go for regular skin evaluations to determine if any of your moles are showing any indications of abnormalities. You can get them removed safely to avoid any serious complications in the future.

If Your Mole Is Colorful

Moles are commonly brown or black in color. If you have a mole that is multiple shades of brown and or black and other colors such as red, white and blue, get it checked immediately.

If Your Mole Is Changing In Size

It might be difficult to track all your moles but you have to be cautious, especially when it comes to size. If you notice that your mole is getting bigger, seek professional advice. Moles are usually the size of a pencil eraser and anything larger than that especially if it was originally small, might be a warning sign that something is wrong.

If You Have A New Mole

Our moles appear only during our adolescence, although there are some reasons for adults to have new moles such as age, having fair skin, redheads, if you have a family history of getting new moles even past the adolescence stage, as a result of drugs such as antibiotics or antidepressant and or sunburn. However, new moles have a high percentage of being cancerous. As per a study in 2017, most melanomas started because of a new mole. So if new moles appeared after you turn 20, better to have them checked.

Of course it is also a concern if you have a mole that is painful when hit or itchy and bleeds when you scratch it. Melanoma is a deadly skin disease and if your moles show any of these qualities see a doctor right away. And if you have more than 50 moles all over your body, schedule a regular skin evaluation since individuals with numerous common moles are more likely to get skin cancer than those who have less.

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