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Working Mommy’s Simple Preparation for Baby Delivery


Women has fought a good fight in terms of finding themselves their rightful place in modern society. Unlike before, today women can be found in various trades and different positions in work and in the industry. 

But one constant has remained, that even if the women of today has already found themselves in various industries, when it comes to motherhood, they are still doing a pretty great job with it. Balancing work and motherhood is no easy feat, thus here are some tips for working women on how to prepare for their baby’s arrival.

Shop for Clothes

Your body will see a lot of changes, even changes that you have not thought about that is possible, but it will happen. And so many women actually feel sad when they cannot fit to their old regular clothes anymore and it makes them somehow insecure during pregnancy.

One way to counter this is to buy maternity clothes, you can buy maternity tops today! Unlike way back then that women have to sew their own maternity clothes because it is not sold at stores and malls. Shopping for clothes helps you anticipate for the physical changes and lets you adjust your mindset for such event.

Join Support Groups

For many women pregnancy can be such a tough period for them. It does not mean that they do not love their child, but it also cannot be discounted that during such stage their hormonal fluctuations accounts for much of the struggles that they are having with themselves.

You can join support groups where you can find somebody to talk to and somebody who listens to your fears without judgment or condemnation. Maternity yoga and other group or small class activities can serve as an effective support group for the expecting mommy.


Without joining classes and other activities, you can actually start with yourself in terms of your own personal mediation. Meditation helps you counter the negative affect that you are feeling inside and also it helps you become more resilient and stronger for the upcoming challenges of pregnancy ahead.

By confronting the fears and frustrations in your mind through meditation you can actually embrace the reality by keeping your mind strong, the peace and calm you feel with each meditative process can also benefit the development of your child in the womb.

Save as Much Money as you can

Lastly, this might sound too materialistic, but it actually works, so you technically have to save up money for the rough times ahead. Yes there will be rough times and yes they happen frequently with babies and it is not rare for them to get sick. Just imagine everything bad could happen at any given moment so you have to save up money so you can fend for yourself and for your baby when the tough times are already at your door. You should not only rely on the salary of your partner or your salary, you should be ready to spend especially if it is for the baby’s needs.

Being a mother is one of the most tiresome yet the most satisfying things in the world, nothing can prepare you for its total impact in your life but you will be thankful for preparing for it.


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