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Your Guide to Buying the Best Forklift for Your Business


It is only once you decide to buy a forklift that you realise just how many makes and models are out there. While all of this selection does increase the chances of you finding the best option for your business, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Since you have to actually comb through all of the choices available to you, it can make it more time-consuming to find a good one for you. To make this a little easier to manage, here are some guidelines to follow:

Know Your Requirements

First things first, you should know exactly what kind of machine that you need for your workplace. This is why you will need to start by listing out your requirements. This should include obvious points such as maximum load and height. At the same time, don’t leave out factors such as the width of aisles or doorways – after all, your machine will need to fit through these. Also, consider whether most of the driving will be done indoors or outdoors. You will need to select a machine with tyres that are appropriate to the conditions. It is only once you have noted down these points that you will be one step closer to finding the perfect equipment for you.

Understand the Specs

When looking for forklifts for sale in Melbourne, you should take the time to note down the specs of each machine and understand what they mean. See, this type of machinery can change from one year to the next. This means that features can be added, taken away, or modified. When making a final purchase, you need to be certain that the specs match your requirements and business perfectly. So, this does mean having to do some research and making comparisons between the various makes and models. Although this can seem like a lot of work, it will end up paying off once you have made your purchase.

Pick Your Engine Type

One of the biggest decisions that you will need to make is regarding the engine. More often than not, this entails selecting between a fuel and electric engine. It is important to understand that each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Take the fuel type, for instance – it is an older, cheaper version. They also are more hardwearing and can be used both indoors and outdoors. At the same time, their maintenance costs can be higher and due to the fumes, they may not be suitable for food-related products. Electric engines are more expensive to buy in the beginning although the maintenance isn’t nearly as expensive. They are eco-friendly as well. One of the main disadvantages is that the forklift will be out of commission while charging unless you invest in more batteries.

Consider Maintenance

It isn’t just the cost of maintenance that you have to think about, it is also availability. For example, is there a company or shop close by that can handle this kind of maintenance? Is it easy to find people with the skills and knowledge to maintain the forklift you want to buy? Make sure that you have quick access to these kinds of services before making a decision about the equipment.

These are the top guidelines to pay attention to when selecting the best possible forklift for your business.

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